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Kinyuy Holdings

Why Choose Us:

We offer not only a wide range of agricultural products but also professional approach and knowledge of international and local markets which helps us to establish a good will in the international market as well as in the national market.

Customer Relationship:

Our customer is at our highest priority, Agro Group believes to build strong customer relationship so we always make it sure that our customer is satisfied in all aspects..


We make it sure that we provide finest quality of every product we deal, ensuring total quality assurance. Quality is an issue for buyer, whether dealing with commodities produced to basic standards or with the high-end quality products.

Our Facilities: 

We have a developed a sound infrastructure through the course of time. We source finest quality products for the benefits of our clients. The technical know-how & the vast experience of our experts helps in supplyies.

Our Quality Assurance:

Due to products distribution worldwide, we have established a complete collection and circulation system throughout the country. The alliance includes farmers, agriculturalists, commodity traders, suppliers, exporters, manufacturers and transporters. The sourced products are checked for quality and standards at the place of origin. Packing as per client requirement is done at the same point. We work on a strict Transparency / Traceability basis.

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